Report Illicit Discharge to Stormwater

When to Use:  Use to request investigation or report the location/site of unlawful disposing, dumping, spilling, emitting, or other discharge of any substance other than storm water into the storm water drainage system.  When submitting the location, please be as specific as possible.  For illicit discharge emergencies that pose a danger, please call 9-1-1.

Illicit Discharge Examples:

Paint being poured into or near the storm drainage system
Changing oil or antifreeze over or near a storm structure
Washing motor pool vehicles where the runoff could drain into the storm drainage system
Washing dumpster pads and allowing the runoff to drain into the storm drainage system
Discharging swimming pool water directly into the storm drain system without de-chlorinating the water
Discharging swimming pool water backwash (containing bacteria, sediment, chlorine, etc.)