Repair Existing Streetlight

When to Use:   Use this request to report issues with an existing street light, such as an outage, light blinking, or damage to the fixture.

For an EMERGENCY:  such as downed or broken light poles, hanging wires or cables, etc. please call  804-646-8550 

so emergency crews can assess damage and address any immediate danger. 

Who is Responsible:    Some streetlights are maintained by the City of Richmond.  Others are the property of Dominion Power.  The City will assess and transfer the request to Dominion where appropriate.

What to Expect:         

General Outages:  Please allow 45 Days for inspection, assessment and repairs of general issues such as light out or blinking, damaged light fixture, etc.

Infrastructure Damage Assessment:  Please allow 90-180 days for inspection and assessment of infrastructure issues such as a damaged or broken pole, down or damaged cables or wires, etc. 

Infrastructure Repair:  Repair of Infrastructure related damage such as damaged poles, cables or wires may take up to 12 – 18 months.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is a PUBLIC service request.  Although your personal information will not be displayed, details entered in the Description field will be publicly visible to all users.  Please do not include personal information about yourself or others in this field.